Is it time to let the book in? 

Is it time to let the words that have been asking to actualize, flow onto the page?

Is it time to Write the FUCKING Book #asifbymagic?

Did you know, a couple of years ago I wrote a book in THREE days??

I did. And it wasn’t hard. As a matter of fact it was easy and THAT is what I am inviting you to.

What if instead of pushing through the writing process you communed with the book? 

You invited the book to co-create WITH you?

That’s what Write the FUCKING Outline #asifbymagic is all about!

A 3 hour ZOOM where we will:

* clear any limiting points of views about writing a book quickly

* exponentialize your capacities to commune with the book with various energetic magic tricks

* go through my step by step workbook to commune with the book

* write the outline of your book

* energetic magic tricks from Zoom on separate audios to play over and over

* audio and written clearings from the Zoom

August 26, 2019 from 11:00am - 2:00pm MDT

Image will be removed as soon as the first 10 people register.

If you still see it, you will be one of the lucky ones if you register now!

1.How will this class take place?

On ZOOM. You will want a good internet connection if you would like to watch the video. Alternatively you can call in using your phone.

2.I have been dreaming about writing books for years. In fact I have more than 1 idea for a book. Will this help me figure out which one to start with?


3.I don't know if I want to write a book, should I take this?

No, this is for people who know they would like to write a book.

4.I can't join live, can I still join?

Yes this can be done as you can watch the recordings and walk yourself through the steps.

5.Will you offer this again?

I am not sure, it's possible.

6.Do you have a money back guarantee?

No. All sales are final.

7.Are there payment plans available?

No there are not.

8.The prices are in Canadian, how do I know what that price is in my currency?

You can use a currency converter online and search Canadian dollars and your currency.

9. Questions not answered here?

Please email me at info @

"Only work with Glenyce if you are ready for change. She is awesome! Her talents and awesomeness and your own willingness to choose is so f*cking potent.  Everything has change for me since working with Glenyce. I get to see me for I am am and dare to go after my dreams. She is great at telling it as it is. It’s not fancy and dressed up, she just IS, and in a good way, where you can’t help but to love her. Glenyce is a huge inspiration to me every day."

Charlotte Pederson


"With laser focus, Glenyce gets the intuitive hits necessary to take me down the path of clarity and transformation. I trust her guidance and wisdom, and I have cleared so many points of view around trauma and money. I paid of all my credit card debt that had dogged me for three f*cking years. I now enjoy being in business for myself again, and my offerings are light and profitable.  I enjoy her joy and laughter of working with the tools. She is the real deal around truth telling, and she invites me to play with the Greatness of me".

Michele Grace Lessiard


"Be prepared to smile, laugh, and make some awesome changes in your life at the same time! She has opened my eyes to different possibilities I’d had never even imagined were possible! She inspired me to make changes and ask questions. I didn’t even know I was working with Glenyce - I thought we were playing… my favourite part is I have fun! I love her inviting energy - she’s down to earth yet so cosmically, universally, and infinitely amazing. She’s a beautiful being inside and out!"

Leanne Pastor


"Get ready for your world to be rocked with kindness, joy, clarity, and laughter.  Glenyce has a way with energies that opens up a whole new world of magic and play.  There is something so easy about being round her that makes me say: “I’ll have more of that now please!”.  

Working with Glenyce has inspired me to create my business and my life on my own terms.  Beyond projections, beyond judgments, and beyond this reality. I am truly stepping into more of me than ever before with true ease, joy, and glory.  The clarity with which Glenyce functions from energetically - no point of view, no projections, no expectations. Straight to the energy of the limitation and BAM! Clearing!  So grateful for you and what you are creating in the world! So inspired to choose more of me. Thank you"!

Patty Alfonso


If you want to change something, anything, everything, this is who you go to first, again, and always - Glenyce!  Everything has changed for me - my awareness, my finances, my choices, my outlook, my relationships, and most importantly, me! It was just so damn easy! It’s not like I had to buy over and over and over again. One program worked. Of course I did also buy others and they helped too. But at no time did I feel like I was misled or not given enough.  I love working with Glenyce, and my life has changed in so many ways that I can’t name them all."

Kim Tobin


"Glenyce is one of the best facilitators I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with - both in group settings, calls, and one-to-one sessions.  She’s friendly, approachable, funny, direct, incredibly intuitive, and has a kick-ass approach that can really invite you to something different.  

So much has changed for me having worked with Glenyce over the  years that there is not space here to write it all.

She has a great way of helping me become more aware in those places where I’ve been avoiding it. Thank you Glenyce - you rock the world with your awesomeness!"

Alun Jones


Glenyce Hughes travels first class around the

world facilitating people to "have it all!"

A successful AWESOME-preneur, Glenyce’s creed of improving the quality of life for people around the world has directly impacted virtually millions with her radio show, private speaking engagements, tele-seminars, virtual online courses, live events and private 1-on-1 sessions.

This intuitively aware, internationally best-selling author is a recognized authority on the symmetry of magic, business, life, body, wealth & abundance.

Creating the #asifbymagic movement, Glenyce’s easy guidance, questions, tools and processes used to clear your life of what isn’t working has spark a magic craze.

She is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and Radio Show Host with Voice America.